SmartTrack transforms the way schools track

Start scanning assets in less than ten minutes, with no special hardware or training needed.

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SmartTrack Dashboard

SmartTrack Will Save You Time & Money.

Things go missing all the time. Across the country, schools are losing millions of dollars each year due to misplaced items and procurement overlap. SmartTrack solves that problem, no extra hardware or training needed.

We're a Simple Solution to a Big Problem.

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SmartTrack is Reinventing Asset Management.


SmartTrack is the most affordable asset management system on the market. Our pricing will never be more than 10% of your savings by using our system.

SmartTrack costs


For unlimited use for a school, for an entire year.


SmartTrack is the only system on the market that can get your classroom, school or entire network on a unified asset management platform within a single day.

SmartTrack is

5x Faster

Than the standard “pen & paper method” of completing inventory.


Scanning assets with SmartTrack is as easy as taking a photo with your phone. That's just one way we've simplified inventory and asset management.

Get setup in

10 Minutes

And start scanning your assets with SmartTrack.

SmartTrack Testimonial

Across the district, it was challenging to know which schools had which materials. With SmartTrack, we are able to know what materials schools have, trends in what is missing, and help ensure schools and teachers have the resources they need to teach. By using this digital inventory system, we can also support schools to know what is in the school book room versus in individual classroom libraries - at all times!

Testimonial - Wayles Wilson

Wayles Wilson, COO, Camden County School District

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